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Cadott Community Library

Building Committee Meeting | Thursday, April 14th – 4:30 PM
Cadott Elementary School Library
Virtual: https://bit.ly/caBuildingCommittee


  1. General Updates
  2. Library Tour Recap from March 23rd
  3. Library Tours April 21st-22nd
    1. Sign Up and Carpool Options
    2. Travel and Meals
  4. Awareness Committee:
    1. Sign cost and installation
    2. Updates for the Facebook page?
  5. Capital Campaign
    1. Donor Update
  6. Other Business
  7. Adjourn
  8. Adjourn

A quorum of Library Trustees may be present at this meeting. However, no library related business other than the above agenda will be discussed or voted on.  

For more information or if extra accommodations are required, please contact the library director at 715-289-4950 or cadottpl@cadottlibrary.org.