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Homebound Delivery Service

What is Homebound Delivery?
The Cadott Community Library is determined to serve all of the members of it’s community, including those who cannot make it to the library. Homebound delivery is a service to those who identify as “homebound”, which the library defines as being generally confined to the residence either temporarily, due to chronic illness or accident, or permanently, due to age, unreliable transport, disability or other mobility problems.
How can I be considered for Homebound Delivery?
Any customer who wishes to be considered for our Homebound Delivery Service must fill out the Cadott Community Library Homebound Delivery Application and meet the definition of “Homebound” as defined by the library policy. Further, they must be a resident of the village of Cadott and in good standing with the Cadott Community Library.
I am interested, but I do not have a library card...
Each homebound customer must possess or register for a library card if they do not already have them.


If a customer does not have a valid card, an application will be filled out over the phone or in person and the librarian/volunteer will bring the card application with them for the customer’s signature on the first delivery date.

What items can I check out as a homebound customer?
All formats of materials are eligible for homebound delivery, excluding equipment or other electronic devices (e.g. Mini iPads).

Each delivery will be limited to one bag of materials or approximately 25 items.

How are the items chosen?
Items can either be requested by the customer, either via phone, logging into the MORE system with their library card, or sending a list along with returned materials.

Preferences can also be given to the library on the types of items, genres, etc. that the customer prefers and the librarian will choose items for them.

Does this service cost anything?
Nope! Homebound delivery is absolutely free.

Overdue fines will not be charged on homebound materials, but the library’s standard fee schedule will apply to any lost or damaged items.

The Cadott Community Library retains the right to discontinue service if borrowed items are lost, damaged, and/or not returned in the same condition as they were delivered.

I am not homebound, but I want to help...
If you know someone who is homebound and you want to be their delivery person, help select materials or volunteer to deliver in general, please fill out our Homebound Delivery Volunteer Application. We greatly appreciate any help that is offered, as the library is short of staff and the more assistance we receive the more customers we can deliver to.