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When it comes to the library’s digital offerings, you are probably most familiar with Libby. Libby is an amazing app (especially compared to it’s predecessor). It’s a one-click system for ebooks, e-audio, and digital magazines. While the in-library magazine collection is dwindling, our electronic options have skyrocketed!

While I could do an entire post on the tips-and-tricks for navigating Libby (and I probably will in the future), I actually want to remind folks about the OTHER digital resources that the library provides.

If you’re a magazine lover, you may want to check out Flipster. While we have a great selection on Libby, there are still a few select titles that are only available digitally. You can use Flipster by downloading the app, which looks something like this:

It’s also right in the center of the MORE Online Catalog, if you want to use it from your computer browser. (You might have to log into see this view):

Next up is Library Elf.

If you have multiple cards in the family between the kids and your spouse, but you seem to be responsible for all of them…Library Elf is here to help. The Elf will send you text or e-mail reminders when items are coming due on anyone in the family’s cards. You can set it up on their website here: https://www.libraryelf.com/base/SignUp.aspx?lib=MORE

transparent language online
If learning a new language is something on your bucket list, or you simply want to brush up on your skills, we’re here to help with that too. While we have some great resources in the library to borrow, there is also Transparent Language. Why pay for an app like Duolingo or Babbel when you can use this for free with your library cards? And, best of all, there is no judgemental owl making you feel guilty about ending a streak. 😉
Like the other resources, this is available either on your computer browser or via an app to your smart device. You can get started here: https://library.transparent.com/ifls/ or by searching for Transparent Languages in your device’s app store.

And finally, but certainly not least, there is BadgerLink. This robust collection of resources is state funded and has been around for a long time! In particular, I direct car enthusiasts who are working on project vehicles here fairly often for their Auto & Engine repair area. Really though, it’s a great place to check out for any research you need to do whether education, medical, or personal interest. More information can be found here: https://badgerlink.dpi.wi.gov/ Note that some resources may only be available while using the library’s computers or may as for your library card information.

If any of these tools struck your fancy and you realized that your library card is inactive (or worse! You don’t have one!), stop in the library and we’ll get you taken care of! As a resident, it is your right to use the library and all of the resources we’re able to provide. So take advantage!

Did I forget any other tools you’d like to hear more about? Send me an e-mail at cadottpl@cadottlibrary.org, a message on social media, or let us know the next time you stop in.