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My introduction to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy happened sometime around my senior year of high school. I admit, I haven’t read all five (…six?) of the books. I did, however, go to the opening night showing of the film. Because Alan Rickman did the voice for Marvin and (fun Samma Fact for you), I adore Alan Rickman.

While science fiction is not my usual forte, Douglas Adam’s is an author I’ve come to appreciate over time. The Hitchhiker’s Guide series gave me my go-to guess for anything between 1 and 100. It’s also the number list I use in our circulation software when I’m doing…well, anything that involves the list function. If it’s available. I am fairly certain I am not the only librarian. (That number is 42, by the way. You know. The answer to the universe and everything.)

Coming up, May 25th, is Towel Day. A homage to the birthday of Douglas Adams. While we celebrate the occasion by making sure we don’t leave the house without a towel (because, frankly, we should never leave the house without a towel. You never know when you might get whisked away on an adventure and it’s a useful tool), there is a lot more to Adams than just the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Along with his most popular series, which began as a radio show, then became books, a television series, and films, he is also the author of the Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency series. This was recently made into a TV series, starring Elijah Wood. Adams also worked on several classic Doctor Who episodes.

For the available titles, including recent radio adaptations of the Hitchhiker’s series, check out the list we’ve put together. And! If you’re so inclined, please join us at the library on Saturday, May 25th for a Towel Day Celebration. We’ll hold an informal book discussion (please place your own holds!) of the first Hitchhiker’s book as well as a viewing of the 2005 film.