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Where, oh where will our new building be? The answer is, we still don’t know. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening! The Library Board of Trustees and the Library Building Committees are continuing to lay the groundwork for a capital campaign to begin once a location is secured and approved by the Village Board. Our goal is to ensure that all community members can access resources, materials and services in a welcoming, safe environment. We hope that you support our goal and will consider donating time and/or funding to ensure our community has the library it needs and deserves.

Here is a recap of our journey towards a larger, accessible, welcoming library building: 

Fall 2021 –  The Village Board approved the library site on the corner of  Hwy 27 and Mills St. Site was deemed geologically feasible and a Building Committee was formed.

2022 – Committee members toured newer and remodeled libraries and discussed our local needs.  The preliminary floor plan was created.

Spring 2023 – Library Trustees  and the Village Board approved the building conceptual plan, the building site, and beginning of the fund-raising stage.

Summer 2023 – A community informational meeting outlined library history, reasons why a new building is needed, and past and future work of the building committee. The building conceptual plan and Capital Campaign Committee’s financial plan were shared.  Several community members voiced opposition to the Hwy 27 and Mills St. location. Concerns were also raised with the cost and size of the building.

Fall 2023 – The Village Board asked us to pursue other locations. Cedar Corp and the building committee toured the Marshfield Clinic and downtown buildings. Estimates for renovation and/or demolition with new construction were presented to the Village Board. The Board asked the Building Committee to produce a survey (to be mailed with utility bills and available online) for the community to let their choice be known. The downtown building(s) was the most-chosen location.  The Village Board asked the Library to pursue the purchase/acquisition of these buildings. It was later learned that the Pharmacy Building is not available.  We are waiting to hear from family members as to whether one building may be available.

Please continue to watch for updates and events on our library website and on Facebook. The Library Staff and the Trustees are happy to answer questions and hear your suggestions and comments.  If you would like to volunteer or contribute to the new library, please contact the library director, Samma Johnson, at (715) 289-4950 or e-mail johnson@cadottlibrary.org