Cadott Community Library

Well, it looks like February got away from us there! Due to our staggering 5 (!!) closed days over the course of the last month, we ended up cancelling a lot of our planned programs in February. However, as Wisconsinites, we know that this snow must come to an end (…giving way to potential flooding, but I know we can get through that too!). And that means that the library is pressing on!

This month, we’ve rescheduled our Paper Beads program for March 7th. I decided not to reschedule of our RPG programs to bring a new club to the library: The Pen and Paper Guild. Our “Session Zero” will take place on Tuesday, March 12th at 4 PM. We’ll decide as a group further details about meeting times, what kind of game (or games) we want to play, and if time allows create our first characters for whatever we collectively decide to play. The Guild will be open to ages 13 and over.

We have two things coming up this month that I’d like to bring your attention to: We’re doing Kids Fine Forgiveness on Thursday, March 21st for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. All kids have to do is tell a staff member: “I’m an absolutely incredible kid”, and we’ll clear eligible finds. More details below.

We also have our quarterly meeting for the Friends of the Library this month. We’ll meet for lunch at 11 AM, March 23rd, at the Cadott Family Restaurant. Lunch is on you, but we hope you’ll join us to discuss potential fundraising and advocacy for the library as we are looking toward the future of the library. It’s also a good opportunity to meet me (if you haven’t already!), chat with our Friend’s President Brian McConnell, and of course: enjoy some delicious food (I enjoy their Potato Soup!).

With the assurance that Spring is indeed on the way, we hope you’ll stop into the library and check out some of our up-coming offerings and new materials. See you soon!


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