Cadott Community Library

While I am not one to quote a holiday song outside of the holiday season (…or in the holiday season, if you really know me), the weather truly is awful the last two weeks! Three days closed due to the “Polar Vortex”, then a 90 degree increase that melted most of the snow…just to dump it back (and then some) on us?

That’s Wisconsin for you, I guess.

But! There are some things to look forward to:
-February 6th: Tabletop Games, 5 PM
-February 7th: Paper Bead Making (Weather permitting!), 4 PM
-February 12th: Harry Potter RPG (Valentines Day at Hogwarts), 4 PM
-February 13th: Tabletop Games 5 PM
Winter Reading ends on February 15th, so if you grabbed one of the Bingo Cards be sure to return it for your prize.

We also have some new books available! Be sure to take a peek at the New Shelf, near the circulation desk to see what’s available.
Happy Reading,


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